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Through your generous donations, the Coast Guard Auxiliary Association supports vital and essential educational and outreach materials for the volunteers of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary and their recreational boating safety efforts. Your donations also ensure local Auxiliary volunteers are trained and ready to be YOUR community's boating safety experts! Local volunteers. Local boaters. Local successes.

Supporting Volunteers in Action

Husband and wife taking boating safety class use their learning to save a life

Dear Instructors, John and Mary here from your boating safety course. Just wanted to relay a story from this weekend. John and I were out on the lake on our way back from Chicago...


Auxiliary "eyes and ears" on the water made a combat veteran's day

One late summer Sunday, while on an on-water Maritime Observation Mission (MOM), after completing verification of the aids to navigation on the Waccamaw River...


Skilled Auxiliary boat driver assists national organization create a public service video

Auxiliarist Jim Fogle of Flotilla 72, St. Petersburg, answered the call from the Eckerd College Waterfront Program to help locate an open power boat capable of holding 12 to 15 people...


Member Financial Assistance Program guidelines to assist Coast Guard Auxiliary members seriously injured in the line of duty while performing Coast Guard Auxiliary missions.


Charitable Organization

The Association serves as a conduit for employer volunteer program grants. These grants allow employees to select the Coast Guard Auxiliary Association, Inc. as a charitable organization with their employer's matching funds supporting the programs of their local Auxiliary unit. Partners include such companies as:

• Aetna • Honeywell
• Allstate • JP Morgan Chase & Company
• Bank of America • McKesson Foundation
• Boeing • Verizon
• Cisco • Monsanto
• Exxon-Mobil

Recreational Boating Safety

The Association also applies for competitive grants to support Coast Guard Auxiliary recreational boating safety projects such as advertising the boating safety message nationwide, and life jacket loaner programs that allow boaters to borrow free life jackets at local boating venues.


Life Jacket Loaner Program

This project by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary is specifically designed to increase lifejacket wear during boating activities.

The program is comprised of establishing kiosks or booths at public facilities where boaters may borrow, at no cost, appropriate lifejackets for use while they are on the water. Local Auxiliary flotillas will maintain these kiosks or booths in locations highly visible to the boating public, and will provide the lifejackets as well as other safety information.

The Life Jacket Loaner program utilizes a pre-designed materials lists as well as provides resources recommendations to obtain the items required. The intent of the fundraising effort is to provide the Auxiliary flotillas participating in this safety program with funds to purchase needed materials and equipment. This will be an on-going program. Our goal for 2014 – 2015 is $50,000. This will allow the Auxiliary to begin this project with at least 1 kiosk per Coast Guard Auxiliary District.

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