Coast Guard Auxiliary Association

The Coast Guard Auxiliary Association is a national nonprofit organization established in 1957 to support Coast Guard Auxiliary activities. For over 56 years, the Coast Guard Auxiliary Association has conducted the fiscal and business management responsibilities for the Auxiliary including fundraising, partnerships and donations that enable America's Volunteer Lifesavers to accomplish their primary mission responsibility: recreational boating safety. Local volunteers - Local boaters - Local successes


The overarching mission of the Coast Guard Auxiliary Association (Association) is to provide for the fiscal health of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary (Auxiliary). We pursue creative long- and short-term policies to generate the income required to sustain present and future program needs of the Auxiliary by developing diverse income-producing sources and enhancing fundraising initiatives to make the Association a self-sustaining dynamic organization.

Our Self Governance

The governing body of the Coast Guard Auxiliary Association is the Board of Directors, which has all powers of governing and directing.

The board is charged with overseeing the management of the business and its organizational affairs. The Association's governance principles are found in its formal policies as established in accordance with its Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.


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